Coding Contest

The next Coding Contest takes place on 2019-03-22 in Vienna, Linz and more.

Procedure & Preparation

The next contest is on 2019-03-22 in Vienna, Linz and more.

Participate On Location

As soon as you have registered for the Coding Contest on location, we reserve a seat for you. It’s your choice if you want to compete as a lone-fighter or within a team (maximum of 3 team members). After a successful registration for the contest you can decide to either create or join a team. If you decide to do so you’ll participate with the team account. Prizes are handled by the local hosts.

Participate Online

The online participation is a great opportunity to take part in the Coding Contest, even if you live hundreds of kilometers away. It starts at the same time as the contest on location. The remote participation is completely anonymous and is ranked separately. The first place of the online participants wins a 50€ amazon voucher. Last year we had participants from around the world like India, China, USA, Russia, Brazil,…

Training Examples

Try the examples of the last CCCs on our CatCoder platform (=test server for the programming competition). By the way, for a better self-evaluation you can also join a group or create your own group and let others join. This way you can compare yourself to your friends!