The CCC (short for Cloudflight Coding Contest) is one of the biggest coding competitions of its kind. Over 4,000 coders from all around the world simultaneously compete against each other in a level-based coding game. With each level the difficulty increases and the candidate or team reaching the highest level within the shortest time wins. Speaking about the game, don’t forget to try out the training games at CatCoder.

The topic of the game usually remains secret until the event. However, we might share a few hints and teaser in our newsletter and via our social media channels. ;)


5 November 2021



11.00h UTC +2



13.00h UTC +2

Contest types


  • 4 hours
  • For all skill-levels
  • Max. team size: 3 people

Note that only a few participants are able to accomplish the full coding game. There is no need to feel discouraged if you don't get so far - this is normal and intended.


  • 2 hours
  • For pupils only
  • Max. team size: 5 people

Many schools organize participation directly from the classroom. Alternatively, you can join from your home. In Austria it is even recommended and promoted by the ministry of education. How does that sound? A coding contest instead of just another lesson.

Participation types


Team up in groups of 2-3 (#classic) or 2-5 (#school). During the contest each team member is able to submit answers. Note: If you want to participate in a team, you can either register directly as a team or team up at the last minute before the contest.


You are a master on your own? Very well! Register for an event and you are all set. Don't forget, you can still challenge your friends to take part without having to work with them ;)


  • Use any programming language you want
  • If you participate in a team, each team member can submit the team’s solution
  • Wrong solution = 1 penalty minute
  • Submission of source code after level completion = 2 bonus minutes
  • Use gitter for technical questions

Still have questions?

No problem! Write us an email: