Who is the organizer?

We are a company called Cloudflight. Now, you might think, organizing coding contests is our main business? Nope, we are a software provider which means we design, build and operate custom software solutions. And YES, we are always looking for curious and talented colleagues!

Coding is your thing?

Awesome, we love that too! Get in touch with us or explore our open job positions. No matter if you are looking for an internship, a part-time job or a full-time employment - Cloudflight might be just the right place for you. Why? Find out.

The roots of the CCC

Once upon a time two friends, Christoph Steindl and Christian Federspiel, conducted a study on test-driven development and pair programming. In order to find suitable volunteers for their experiment, they disguised it as a public coding contest, taking place on the 6th of July 2007 with 35 participants. As the event leveraged interest and was a lot of fun, Christoph and Christian abandoned its original purpose and preserved it as the Catalysts Coding Contest. Nowadays, over 4000 people compete all over the world simultaneously, two times a year. And what else about Christoph and Christian? Not only have they founded a contest but a whole company named Catalysts!

What happened to Catalysts?

As you might have heard, Cloudflight was formerly known as Catalysts. (Exactly, the very same company which was founded by the founders of the CCC). In early 2020 we did a very important step. We joined forces with a similar company called Crisp and gave the newly formed corporation a fancy name: Cloudflight. So, what happened to Catalysts? Nothing, basically. We still have the same spirit, but with new colors and new colleagues. At the moment, Cloudflight consists of about 400 passionate people working in 17 locations in Austria, Romania, Germany and the Netherlands. But it's hard to keep these numbers up-to-date. We are rapidly growing, constantly striving for new challenges. Our journey has by far not ended yet!


Are you interested in what Cloudflight actually does and how our usual working day looks like? Check out our social media channels and you will see: