Host an event

The Catalysts Coding Contest (short: CCC) is a distributed on-site event, which means participants are competing at the same time, from various event locations all over the world! As a host you are providing one of those event locations. Commonly, hosts are universities, schools or companies, but of course we are open for other settings.


We have been organizing coding contests since 2007 and with every time we accomplished not only a raise in participants, but also an increasing fascination for the event. It brings together schools, universities, companies and institutions. No matter if an event location has 20, 50 or more than 100 participants - it draws attention!


Usually the CCC takes place twice a year: In spring and in autumn. The upcoming date is the 3rd of April 2020. If you like to plan ahead, ask for the next dates via

Your benefits in a nutshell

  • Get noticed by the coder community
  • Connect with companies and establish partnerships for future projects
  • Make contact with highly talented people
  • Help pupils and students to find suitable internships
  • Invite your business partners to stay in touch
  • Give participants the opportunity to shine amongst the world's top coders
  • Create an amazing experience for everyone :)

The longer story about benefits

Currently a contest has about 4000 participants at roughly 30 event locations. Contestants are challenged with a level-based coding game that lasts for 4 hours. There are two contest types: The #classic CCC and the #school CCC. The latter is only organized in selected event locations, on the very same day as the #classic CCC. Its coding game is designed for pupils (up to the age of 19 years and newbies) and lasts for just 2 hours. In the past, many pupils also attended the #classic CCC right after participating in the #school CCC. A lot of them could easily keep up with students or practitioners!

Coders can participate at any event location, but also remotely (online). The aim of the contest is to leverage the visibility of coders around the world, open up job opportunities and promote hosts and their venue. A single local “champion” can gain worldwide reach and recognition in the community. If your goal is to attract new coding talents or if you want to leverage the visibility and value of a coder - this event is the right one for you.

We provide you with...

The actual coding game
Each contest has a unique game that is kept secret until the event, however, there is a sneak peek here. In the meantime, participants can try to solve previous games.

The CatCoder
This is how we call the online platform which handles everything connected to the contest.

Live support
During the contest, participants may contact our game experts via gitter for game-related and technical questions.

A hall of fame
Participants are able to see their performance within a local and a global rank. The hall of fame is also part of the CatCoder.

PDFs for print material, like posters and flyers
You will receive customized PDFs with promotional material upfront, so you can advertise your event location.

Presentation slides
We provide you with a slide set, which you show before, during and after the contest. It also includes a checklist for you to make sure your event is running smoothly.

Promotion of your photos
We kindly ask you to provide us with photos taken during the event. In exchange we will share those pictures on our social media channels.

After the contest, the best participants receive printed certificates and a handshake. We send you either printed certificates or PDFs.

An answer to any question
We support you in any way we can via dedicated Skype channel and email.

Your responsibilities

Find a room for your participants (e.g. at your organization). You have full control over the size of your event, as you also define the maximum number of seats.

Check if Wifi or LAN internet connection is available and stable enough for the maximum number of participants (for 100 participants an internet connection with 100MBit (75 down & 25 up) should be provided).

Check if every participant has access to at least one electricity socket for charging their laptop during the contest.

Make sure a projector and audio speakers are available in the room to show a presentation and the rankings after the contest for the prize ceremony.

Find local sponsors that will meet the costs of tombola prizes for the participants (this is not required for smaller events).

Nominate a speaker/moderator to say a few words before and after the contest.

Find someone who will take pictures during the event.

How to spread the word

Use your connections! As everywhere, personal contacts are the fastest way to find participants for any event. Ask all of your colleagues if they know anyone who works in IT or studies IT, so they can be invited personally.

Get in touch with possible sponsors, like local companies, and try to make the event attractive for them.

Contact student organizations and ask them to distribute the flyers/posters and share the event on social media.

Contact local schools and universities. Personally ask teachers and professors if you may send them flyers, so they can hand them to their students or pupils. (We recommend you to keep track of who you already contacted and who still needs to be contacted).

Find local Facebook pages, IT-groups or similar and make sure people know about the contest and your event location.

Many people that are already employed in IT are also interested in participating in the CCC. Therefore, you can contact companies that might have IT personnel and inform them about the competition. Ask them to spread the word and/or compete.

Follow us on all our social media platforms and share our posts.

Send emails to all potentially interested contacts.


If you are looking for impressions to get a feeling for the event, you are welcome to check our social media channels! We share pictures and relevant information via: