Host a CCC in your city

As we organize the CCC besides our core business since 2007, we are thankful for the strong network of individuals, schools, universities, and companies we built over the years and that keeps growing with every edition. It is thanks to these strong partnerships that we are able to bring the CCC to more than 40 cities around the globe. No matter if an event location has 30, 50, or more than 100 participants - it draws attention!

We organize 2 contest per year, in Spring and in Autumn with thousands of participants. Participants are challenged with a level-based coding game. There are three contest types: The #classic and the #school CCC. Read more here.

If you want to organize a CCC in your city as well, we are happy you made it to this page. Just get in touch with us, and we will help you out with all your questions. The fact that you ended up here somehow is enough to tell that you have at least some kind of connection to computer science, right?

Your benefits

International visibility! We promote you and your venue across our huge network. You'll get the chance to get in touch with coding talents and to open up job opportunities. You will also help to leverage the visibility of coders around the world. A single local “champion” can gain worldwide reach and recognition in the community. If your goal is to attract new coding talents or if you want to leverage the visibility and value of a coder - this event is the right one for you.

Your responsibilities

Spread the word! You probably already have coding talents in mind who could have a great time at the CCC, right? Start from there and spread the word amongst your partners, friends, colleagues, students, pupils, etc. Use your connections! As everywhere, personal contacts are the fastest way to find participants for any event.

A few postings in school, university, or computer science-related groups on Social Channels are always a great idea.

Another option is to contact student/pupil associations and in the best case professors to ask them to support the event by sharing our materials.

Many people that are already employed in IT are also interested in participating in the CCC. Therefore, you can contact companies that might have IT personnel and inform them about the competition. Ask them to spread the word and/or to compete.

Regarding social media channels, follow us on all our platforms and share our posts. Of course, we can always create joint posts, feel free to get in touch with us.

We provide you with...

The actual coding game

Each contest has a unique game that is kept secret until the event, however, there is a sneak peek here. In the meantime, participants can try to solve previous games

The CatCoder

This is how we call the online platform which handles everything connected to the contest.

Live support

During the contest, participants may contact our game experts via gitter for game-related and technical questions.

A hall of fame

Participants are able to see their performance within a local and a global rank.


We will provide online certificates to participants per request.

Promo material

We will send you posters and flyers to use for promoting the contest

Still have questions?

Get in touch with us: