What is the School Coding Contest?

We developed the School Coding Contest especially for pupils that are new to coding with a game that is easier and shorter than its bigger brother. You have 2 hours to solve the challenge. In which programming language you want to work - well that’s up to you. Get in touch with your teacher who can help you. The ministry of education supports this contest - so there is no reason why you and your friends shouldn't participate at it!


You can participate alone or in teams. You are free to create teams of up to 10 people. Talk to your friends at school and invite them to join your team!


As it is the case at the main Coding Contest. You can participate in one of our locations (where offered) or simply compete at the online contest from home, from you school or anywhere you have an internet connection.

Training games

Use the opportunity to try our training games. Not only will practice make your perfect - you will also get to know the contest platform - called CatCoder. During contest - we usually support you via Gitter